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This is an introduction to the basic theory of ocean waves and their interaction with offshore structures. It focuses on the kinds of large scale waves which are important in Offshore Engineering.

The pages in this category are based on the MIT open courseware notes written by Paul Sclavounos. They can be read in order as a basic course on hydrodynamics.

  1. Conservation Laws and Boundary Conditions
  2. Linear and Second-Order Wave Theory
  3. Linear Plane Progressive Regular Waves
  4. Wave Energy Density and Flux
  5. Wave Momentum Flux
  6. Wavemaker Theory
  7. Ship Kelvin Wake
  8. Linear Wave-Body Interaction
  9. Long Wavelength Approximations
  10. Wave Scattering By A Vertical Circular Cylinder
  11. Forward-Speed Ship Wave Flows
  12. Strip Theory Of Ship Motions. Heave & Pitch
  13. Ship Roll-Sway-Yaw Motions
  14. Derivative Seakeeping Quantities
  15. Seakeeping In Random Waves
  16. Solution of Wave-Body Flows, Green's Theorem
  17. Rankine Intergral Equations For Ship Flows
  18. Panel Methods
  19. Wave Drift Forces
  20. Second-Order Wave Theory
  21. Second-Order Wave Effect On Offshore Platforms