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Please feel free to write here some questions you might have and we will try and answer them. Also, if you can think of a better way to format this page please do so.

How do I create a page?

To creat a page you need to first create a link to the page.

How do I delete a page or change its name?

You need special permission to delete a page or change its name. Just send a request to Michael Meylan if you need to do this.

What is the format for citations to papers?

The name of the page should be firstauthor, second_author,..., and lastauthor year, i.e. Meylan, Squire, and Fox 1997 or Meylan and Squire 1994. If there is already an article with the same name, then the reference should be followed by a b (or c as appropriate).
Then list authors, title, publication, volume, number, pages, year for a standard journal article.

How can I influence the way the math formulas are displayed, i.e. LaTeX-style or Word-style?

The wiki software will try and use the HTML code for equations if it can. While these do not require a picture, the corresponding equations look ugly. If you insert a small space with \, you will force the wiki to display LaTeX style formulas.

How do I assign equation numbers? Is it possible to give labels and references to equations like with LaTeX ?

There is no way so doing equation numbers. If you use the Latex2wiki program it will number your equations (as best it can) based on the labels in the LaTeX.