Masson and LeBlond 1989

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D. Masson and P.H. LeBlond, Spectral Evolution of Wind-Generated Surface Gravity Waves in a Dispersed Ice Field, J. Fluid Mech., 202, pp 111-136.

This paper contains a model for Wave Scattering in the Marginal Ice Zone based on transport theory. It marked a huge increase in sophistication of modelling, prehaps too much sophistication for the geophysics community which largely ignored it. The model use the wave scattering code of Michael Isaccson which was limited to axisymmetric rigid bodies to caluculate the small scale scattering which limited the application. The paper also included effects due to wind forcing and non-linear energy transfer. These effects (which were taken from standard models and were completely derivative) probably served a negative purpose and obscured the very important results, the development of a wave scattering model. Meylan and Masson 2006 have shown that under the appropriate limits the model reduces to a Boltzmann equation.