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  • First, open two browser windows: one to do everything below and one to keep these instructions open.
  • In the new window, click on the create an account link in the upper right hand corner, or click here.
  • Use your real name, e.g. John A. Smith (with spaces, underscores aren't allowed for user names), for both your User Name and where it requests your real name. This will make it easier to identify contributions.
    • If there is not a link for you, go to templates, go to the example of the template appropriate for you, click on edit, copy the context of the entire edit field, back up one page so that you are no longer in edit mode, change the URL replacing the name with your name (e.g., John_A._Smith), paste contents into blank edit field, fill in the blanks.
    • If there is a link for you, click on it and see what's there. If there are already fields like Position, Institution, etc, simply click on edit and fill in the fields. If nothing is there refer to the previous step.
  • The author profile contains a template and a free form section at the bottom. Edit the fields in the template by clicking on the edit link at the top of the page. Include double-brackets around things if you want to make them linked internal to this site, e.g., ''CNOT Gate'' . If you are confused click on an established page, like Hideo Mabuchi and click edit to see how it's done. (This is actually the best way to learn.) Refer to the Wiki User's Guide for more. Finally, save your work.
  • To add an image of yourself, or anything else, go the the upload file link which is in the toolbox on the sidebar or here. Give your image a unique name and then replace image name from the default image to your image name.
  • Now you will link your user page to your author page. To find your user page go to this list of all users and click on your name. (The link should just be at something like User:John_A.Smith.) Now put a redirect from the user page to your author page by editing your user page to contain #REDIRECT ''John_A._Smith'' but with your name instead. This step is not necessary but it makes life simple to have one page per person.