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This page is designed to get you started.

The pages are written in a markup language (like latex) which is very simply to understand. To see the way this page was written just click on the edit button at the top of the page (remembering that you have to login to edit a page).

Hopefully you are now looking at a box in which you can change the text. If you click on show preview below you can see what the page looks like as well as the text you can edit. Please make changes to what is here - i.e. delete adfdsafd this piece of nonesense. You should save your changes, because the last thing we will do is show you how to undo any changes you have made.

You will see a few buttons above which you can click on to give you bold, italic, etc.


are easy

The trickiest part is entering maths. The wiki software uses a simplified latex. Look at the following equations

[math]\displaystyle{ x^2 + y^2 =7 }[/math]

which appears by itself and [math]\displaystyle{ \omega^2 }[/math] which appears in the text. Not all latex commands are possible and if you type something which is wrong you will get the following

[math]\displaystyle{ \frac{\alpha}{\beta }[/math]

Creating your first page

The format to make a connection to a page is very simple, just put double square brakets around the name of the page, e.g. Scattering Frequencies. If I want use different text than the name to point to the page I just separate with a vertical line, e.g. the first page.

To create your first page you need to create a link to it (this is so that every page has at least on link). We will create a link to the page here but remember that this will not be permanent.

The page should be included in a category. Browse the other pages to get an idea of the appropriate category for your page.

The following is the link to my page. Just change what appears in the brakets to the name you want for your page. Once you have saved this change if you click on this link you will be prompted to create the page. Now enter some text and you have created your first page.


One of the most important aspects of a wiki site is that all changes are recorded and you can very easily revert to a previous version of a page. All you have to do is click on the history button and you will see all the changes you have made. Simply click on the first page saved before your changes and the page will revert.

It is possible that you have made a change to this page which you think should be permanent. In this case do not revert but leave the page with your change.

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