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C. M. Linton and P. McIver, Handbook of Mathematical Techniques for Wave / Structure Interactions, Chapman & Hall CRC, 304 pp. 2001.

A book on the application of mathematical techniques to problems of wave interaction with structures.

The chapter headings are as follows:

  1. The water-wave problem
  2. Eigenfunction expansions
  3. Multipole expansions
  4. Integral equations
  5. The Wiener-Hopf and related techniques
  6. Arrays
  7. Wave interaction with small objects
  8. Variational methods

Although the techniques are often presented within the context of a problem in water waves, the methods described also have applications in other fields including acoustics, electromagnetic waves, waves in elastic media, and solid-state physics, and many references are given to work in these areas.

A list of errata can be found here