Meylan, Squire, and Fox 1997

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M. H. Meylan and V. A. Squire and C. Fox, Towards Realism in Modeling Ocean Wave Behavior in Marginal Ice Zones, J. of Geophysical Research, 102(C10), pp 22981-22991, 1997.

This paper contains a model for Wave Scattering in the Marginal Ice Zone based on the linear Boltzmann equation. It has an adhoc method of determining the rate of scattering in energy from the single ice floe solution. The solution for a single ice floe was based on the solution of Meylan and Squire 1996 which was valid for a circular ice floe. Meylan and Masson 2006 have shown that the solution is equivalent to Masson and LeBlond 1989.