Tayler 1986

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A. B. Tayler, Mathematical Models in Applied Mathematics, Clarandon Press, 280 pp. 1986.

Contains a description of the Floating Elastic Plate problem for a single plate on finite length in two-dimensions on Infinitely Deep water as a model for a floating breakwater. An approximate solution is the limit of small scattering is presented. The book introduces the non-dimensionalisation in which length is scaled with respect to [math]L\,[/math] (which can be choosen freely) and time with respect to [math]\sqrt{L/g}\,[/math] and the non-dimensional parameters are where [math]\alpha = \omega^2\, [/math][math]\beta = D/(\rho g L^4)\,[/math] and [math]\gamma = \rho_i h/(\rho L)\,[/math].