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We consider a two-dimensional fluid domain of constant depth, which contains a finite number of fixed bodies of arbitrary geometry. We denote the fluid domain by [math]\displaystyle{ \Omega }[/math], the boundary of the fluid domain which touches the fixed bodies by [math]\displaystyle{ \partial\Omega }[/math], and the free surface by [math]\displaystyle{ F. }[/math] The [math]\displaystyle{ x }[/math] and [math]\displaystyle{ z }[/math] coordinates are such that [math]\displaystyle{ x }[/math] is pointing in the horizontal direction and [math]\displaystyle{ z }[/math] is pointing in the vertical upwards direction (we denote [math]\displaystyle{ \mathbf{x}=\left( x,z\right) ). }[/math] The free surface is at [math]\displaystyle{ z=0 }[/math] and the sea floor is at [math]\displaystyle{ z=-h }[/math]. The fluid motion is described by a velocity potential [math]\displaystyle{ \Phi }[/math] and free surface by [math]\displaystyle{ \zeta }[/math].